Jin Sei Kai

Human Life Association


You must have a current Jin Sei Kai membership.
You must have a karate gi (suit) and a Jin Sei Kai badge.
You will receive a signature at each lesson attended.
You must have attended the required amount of lessons before you will be considered for a grading.
You may only grade if invited to do so by your Sensei.
All children under 16 will automatically take Sen grades. The examiner will decide if the child is good enough to be upgraded to a Kyu grade. Children between 13 & 16 will take either a Sen or Kyu grade at the discretion of the examiner. The examiner's decision is final.
If you accept the invitation to grade you must pay (at the latest) one lesson prior to the grading.
Arrive for gradings 10 / 15 minutes before the start.
Please check with your Sensei the times and the dates of the grading.
There may not be children’s karate lessons on the grading night/day.

Each club may have additional rules which must be followed
You must bring your grading and attendance book to each lesson.
You must have it open at the correct page for your instructor to sign.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have attended enough lessons.
You will get one signature each lesson you attend. You must have a
signature in each of the white boxes before you will be able to grade, or special permission from your instructor.
Try also to get as many signatures in the coloured boxes as you can.
Sensei Perry can then see that you have been training hard.
Senior grades are required to act responsibly and to set a good example to others.
They are therefore required to obtain Merit Awards to show that they have endeavoured to behave well and work hard at karate, at home and at school.

You must have a Bronze Merit Award before Green Belt
You must have a Silver Merit Award before Brown Belt
You must have a Gold Merit Award before Black Belt