Jin Sei Kai

Human Life Association


Anyone training at the club accepts all the rules of the club.
The instructor will be addressed as SENSEI.
The deputy instructors will be addressed as SEMPAI.
Reply to the instructor with a bow and by saying " OSS ".
All injuries or illnesses will be reported to the instructor prior to training or during training if necessary.
You must bow to all black belts that enter the room.
You must bow when entering or leaving the dojo.
You must ask to go to the toilet.
Do not leave the room without permission.
For Children a parent/guardian must accompany you to and from lessons unless you have permission from the instructor.
You must show respect to fellow students by bowing before and after training with them.
You must use control at all times when training.
No arguing with instructors or other students.
No unnecessary talking.
No eating.
No jewellery or watches etc.
Your karate gi (suit) must be clean.
Your hands and feet must be clean—with nails short.
You must not use karate outside the club except for self-defence and in the upkeep of law and order.
All karate rules apply whenever you are wearing a gi– even if you are at home.
All karate rules apply whenever you see your instructors—even if you are in the street.
Behave towards fellow students as you would have them behave towards you.
Higher grades MUST set a good example.

Each Club may have additional rules which must be followed